A shout into the void

I’ve decided it’s time to get with the times and make a blog.

When I first started my PhD, I was ELATED to recieve the opportunity to haul my bright-eyed, bushy-tailed self and my most treasured belongings across multiple oceans to study the Earth’s tiniest, most diverse and arguably most important organisms : *~microbes~*.

ooohhhh colorssss source: denniskunkel.com
ooohhhh colorssss
source: denniskunkel.com

Excited by the mystical and unfathomable microbial universe, and feeling confident in my skills as a research scientist, I expected a challenging, though rewarding journey.  I was kinda wrong.  This grad school shit will own your soul. Hours and hours of facing off with datasets and computer screens.  Days, weeks, months spent in the Valley of Shit, dealing with feelings of impostor syndrome.  Interspersed, of course, with some breakthroughs, and some progress.  Not to mention many hours spent reading other amazing blogs that confirm that these issues are not only widespread among grad students, but also temporary.

2funni and 2tru
2funni yet 2tru

That’s probably enough complaining, though! I’m here to reinforce my love of science and improve my scicomm skillz. Beyond that, I’m loftily hoping to also contribute a lil bit to society through breakdowns of scientific literature and critiques of the ivory tower that is academic science. We’ll see how this goes…


A shout into the void